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Download e-book for kindle: A Rational Approach to Animal Rights: Extensions in by Corey Wrenn

By Corey Wrenn

Utilising serious sociological thought, this publication explores the shortcomings of renowned strategies in animal liberation efforts. construction a case for a scientifically-grounded grassroots technique, it's argued that professionalized advocacy that works within the provider of theistic, capitalist, patriarchal associations will locate hassle reaching luck.

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This happens day in and day out in every human society to trillions of nonhuman persons. 44). Without a doubt, Nonhuman Animals comprise the largest oppressed group in human society. They suffer the greatest number of injustices and receive the most limited attention and assistance. Because they, like human animals, are sentient and experience this inequality as a result of socially created hierarchies of power, they should not be excluded from moral concern and social responsibility. 5; York and Mancus, 2013).

In Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights, Torres (2006) describes the modern movement as an “animal rights industry” to highlight the tendency for Nonhuman Animal charities to prioritize resource mobilization over tactical efficacy. Torres’s concept can be extended to more accurately describe this industry as an industrial complex. This latter Irrationalities in Welfarist Organizational Pathways 33 description indicates an overlap between Nonhuman Animal rights advocacy groups and the industries that exploit Nonhuman Animals.

Tactical outcomes must align with goals. Rationality can also refer to organizational ideology. As will be examined in Chapter 2, foundational sociological theory identifies the rationalization process as a significant influence on institutional structure. Rational choice theory suggests that groups will make decisions based on a rational analysis of potential costs and benefits. Organizations can rationalize through a number of procedures with the intent of streamlining operations and maximizing effect.

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