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Harvey Molotch's Against Security: How We Go Wrong at Airports, Subways, and PDF

By Harvey Molotch

Remember whilst an unattended package deal used to be simply that, an unattended package deal? consider whilst the airport used to be a spot that evoked magical chances, no longer the anxiousness of a full-body test? within the post-9/11 international, we now have develop into interested by heightened safety features, yet do you're feeling more secure? Are you more secure?

Against Security explains how our anxieties approximately public security have translated into command-and-control tactics that annoy, intimidate, and are usually counterproductive. Taking readers via different ambiguously harmful websites, the sought after urbanist and prime sociologist of the standard, Harvey Molotch, argues that we will use our current social relationships to make existence more secure and extra humane. He starts off through addressing the inaccurate technique of getting rid of public restrooms, which deprives us all of a uncomplicated source and denies human dignity to these with out position else to move. Subway protection instills worry via courses like "See anything, Say Something" and intrusive searches that experience yielded not anything of worth. on the airport, the protection gate motives crowding and confusion, onerous the precious concentration of TSA employees. eventually, Molotch exhibits how protecting sentiments have translated into the vacuous Freedom Tower on the international exchange middle web site and big errors in New Orleans, either ahead of and after storm Katrina. all through, Molotch deals considerate methods of keeping safety that aren't purely strategic yet increase the standard of existence for everybody.

Against Security argues that with replaced regulations and attitudes, redesigned gear, and an elevated reliance on our human skill to assist each other, we will be able to be more secure and retain the excitement and dignity of our day-by-day lives.

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This booklet charts a course during the outpouring of efforts to appreciate and clarify sleek terrorism, through asking what makes terrorism diversified from other kinds of political, army motion; what makes it powerful; and what could be performed approximately it. It unravels advanced crucial questions similar to no matter if terrorists are criminals, no matter if terrorism is one of those warfare, what sort of hazard terrorism represents, how a ways media exposure sustains terrorism, and no matter if democracy is principally susceptible to terrorist assault.

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President invoice Clinton known as it "an assault opposed to America," yet after Libyan brokers planted a bomb aboard Pan Am Flight 103, killing 259 humans within the air and eleven at the floor, the United States didn't strike again. as a substitute, the grieving family members of the sufferers did the unthinkable -- as mere civilians-and attempted to strength Libya to pay for its crime.

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Who might strap a bomb to his chest, stroll right into a crowded subway station and blow himself up? in simple terms via studying how a terrorist is aware his personal identification and activities can this question be replied. The authors of The Terrorist id discover how the idea of self-concept mixed with club in terrorist and extremist teams, can form and maintain the identification of a terrorist in addition to their next justification for violence and the legitimacy in their activities.

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A decade earlier, he had written Policraticus (“The Statesman’s Book”), in which he sought to clarify the sources of political legitimacy in an age of heightened monarchical authority. His nightmare scenario was an incompetent or unrighteous king atop a powerful throne. Like most other great intellectuals of his time, John of Salisbury practiced scholasticism, the dominant school of Church teaching in the eleventh to thirteenth centuries. Influenced by the Greek and Roman Stoics, Scholastics sought to reconcile divine and natural law and saw faith and reason as twin paths to the same ultimate truth.

Unlike other ancient Indian texts, which are primarily religious and ethical in orientation, the Arthashastra is largely secular and practical. In its emphasis on the “natural” needs of the state and on ends rather than means, some have noted a strong similarity to Machiavelli’s The Prince. Kautilya described four categories of conflict resolution, the first three of which are diplomacy; “open war,” or conventional combat similar to that of the Greek phalanxes; and “concealed war,” which is dependent on maneuver, surprise, and deception and resembles modern guerrilla war.

Julius Caesar and the End of the Roman Republic In fact, Rome’s drama of terror and tyrannicide was moving toward its climax: the assassination of Julius Caesar remains history’s most celebrated act of tyrannicide, and the defense mounted by Cicero of the murder remains one of its most influential. Long-simmering tensions between the joint rulers Julius Caesar and Pompey Magnus erupted into civil war in 50 BCE. After nearly three years of fighting across the length of the Republic, Pompey was killed and his 24 Terror and Tyrannicide in the Ancient World forces defeated.

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