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Download e-book for iPad: Agogic Maps: From Musical Phrasing to Enhancement of Urban by Raffaele Pe

By Raffaele Pe

This ebook explores the worth of the musical inspiration of “agogics” – the amendment of standard rhythm to augment expressive capability – in knowing city spatial configurations in the present technological context and in constructing city maps that make the most sonic indications to create an open studying framework. The booklet starts off through discussing the that means and value of agogics within the musical and inventive realm, almost about the paintings of Adolphe Appia, Emile-Jaques Dalcroze, and Iannis Xenakis, between others. Its relevance to cartography and mapping is then tested, considering the contributions of Ian McHarg, invoice Hillier, Mark Shepard, and Robin Minard. the character and price of agogic maps, for instance in fostering expertise of position and potent association of spatial improvement, are defined intimately, just about case stories in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Segrate, Italy. it's defined how agogic maps benefit from leading edge different types and scripting apparatus to supply a brand new mapping software for spatial and concrete configurations, highlighting the interdependence among aural signs and spatial variables. This publication might be of curiosity to architects, urbanists, and musicians with a selected curiosity in house and sound design.

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Shane’s Mega-block measures 1 k  1 k, with a large variety of functions and forms within a substantially rural fabric. This fabric is more complex in forms and functions in comparison to the Desakota model in the way it combines and overlaps a large variety of urban uses. Each tone of the landscape in this model is like an exchanging patch, a patch-dynamic [2], where functional features are mixed and ambiguous. What is mono-tonal does not activate the urban life of the Mega-block, therefore all the layers are intertwined.

We suggest here that, if artistic tendencies can be studied to explore rituals and anthropological uses, this should be applied to architecture, too, especially for what concerns the formation of the anthropological image of a city. In the case of Dar es Salaam, we refer to one of the most prominent artistic movements in Tanzania started around 1970, called Tingatinga [5], after the name of its inventor Edward Tingatinga. Tingatinga’s works introduce us to an interesting research in painting, using recycled materials like pieces of wood and paint for bicycles.

Sites like the railway stations of Magakawe or Yombo, or even the industrial plants along Pugu Road, are more like barriers instead of ecotional thresholds that structure the overall urban system. At the same time, at the small scale of the informal district, informal dwellings introduce a recurring constructive persistency that constitutes a reference for the navigation of the city. Such settlements establish an innovative compromise between urban and rural environments within the city-region.

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