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Download e-book for kindle: Akustik II / Acoustics II by R. W. Leonard, A. Barone, Rohn Truell, Charles Elbaum, B. E.

By R. W. Leonard, A. Barone, Rohn Truell, Charles Elbaum, B. E. Noltingk (auth.)

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LEONARD: Generation and Measurement of Sound in Gases. Sect. 20.

Condenser microphone showing diaphragm D, SIS was su IClent y comp ete so at on Y fixed electrode E, insulator I, stretching ring K, minor changes in the structure of the venting leak L, and backing volume VB. microphone have been made. The analysis of the distortion by RADEMAKERS3 is an important clarification. Most of the changes in the condenser microphone have been in the way of miniaturization and improved circuitry. Fig. 55 shows the condenser microphone and associated circuit. The nonlinearity of the condenser microphone for diaphragm displacements which are not small compared to the equilibrium spacing results from variations in charge on the fixed electrode.

POWELL has suggested that this acoustic feedback mechanism is 31 Air jet generators. Sect. 12. responsible for the screeching of supersonic jets as well as the production of tones by a jet edge system. 0) The Hartmann generator. HARTMANN 1, in making measurements with a Pitot tube in the supersonic jet resulting from flow through a converging nozzle, observed a periodic curve for the pressure indicated by the Pitot tube. The nozzle b '~/~/,,", I / I I I I I / ' I ' I %Fig. 44 a and b. The cellular pattern of supersonic flow from a circular nozzle (a) and th e accompanying stagnation pressure vs.

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