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By Professor David R. Mayhew

To appreciate American politics and govt, we have to realize that participants of Congress are greater than brokers of societal pursuits and personal tastes -- in addition they act with a few autonomy and final result within the public sphere. during this illuminating e-book, a exclusive political scientist examines the activities of contributors of Congress all through American background, assessing their styles and value and their function within the U.S. method of separation of powers.

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Politics in much of the s, are at the level of wrangling over the budget, expanding or shrinking this or that program, loosening or tightening this or that regulation, or raising the minimum wage. 49 In my view, this can be a historical and analytic mistake. Constitutions do not seem to march through time unattended by politicians. In the United States, it is impossible to comprehend the roles of House and Senate members without seeing them as, at least sometimes, performers at a constitutional level.

A classic depiction of autonomous consequentiality in a politician—though not a member of Congress—is Robert A. Dahl’s portrait of New Haven’s Mayor Richard C. Lee in Who Governs? Democracy and Power in an American City (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, ), ch. Without Lee, New Haven’s pioneering steps in urban redevelopment during the s would have been quite unlikely. For a recent appreciation of the autonomous consequentiality of House Speakers Henry Clay and Thomas B. 12 11:05 OCV:0 ary –, .

12 11:05 OCV:0 being successful. 6065 Mayhew / AMERICA’S CONGRESS / sheet 53 of 271      way of telling which ones or how many—the named MC probably chaired a committee handling a bill and won the eponym for that reason without being very consequential. An example is Congressman Edward T. 9 Taylor and no doubt many others like him entered the dataset here anyway. For the most part, spotting ‘‘actions’’ in the texts was a straightforward task, but there was no escape from making certain judgments about inclusion or exclusion.

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