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Download PDF by Johannes Sobotta: Atlas of Human Anatomy, Volume 2: Trunk, Viscera, Lower Limb

By Johannes Sobotta

This is often the hot 14th version of the vintage atlas in English with Latin labels.

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Read or Download Atlas of Human Anatomy, Volume 2: Trunk, Viscera, Lower Limb (14th Edition) PDF

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Longitudinale anterius Faciesintervertebralis Anulus Oi"araJ' fibrosus intervertebralis Nucleus I pulposus Lig. 793 CervicaImotion segment; s c h e m a t i cm e d i a ns e c t i o n . articularissuoerior Epiphysis anularis* Lig flavum Lig. spinosus Lig. longitudinaleposterius Pediculusarcusvertebrae Lamina arcus vertebrae Fig,79t, Lumbar motion segment; s c h e m a t i cm e d i a ns e c t i o n . Proc articularisinferior * A [ s o :r i m o f v e r t e b r a tb o d y * * H y a t i n ec a r t i l a g i n o u sc o v e r i n go f t h e e n d - p l a t eo f t h e v e r t e b r a Ib o d y r e f t e c t i n gt h e n o n - o s s i f i e dp o r t i o no f t h e e p i p h y s i s > Back Superficialmusclesof the back ProtuberantiaocciDitalisexterna M sternocleidomastoideus IVIspleniuscapitis M trapezius Spina scapulae Fascia deltoidea prominens, Vertebra Proc spinosus M teres malor Scapula, Angulusinferior M infraspinatus, Fasciainfraspinata M latissimus dorsi M, rhomboideus major VertebrathoracicaXll.

Interspinales -cervrcts -thoracis lumborum Mm. rotatoresbreves** -cervrcrs -thoracis -lumborum Fascia thoracolumbalis F i g . 8 0 0 D e e p[ a u t o c h t h o n o u m s )u s c t e so f t h e b a c k ; d i a g r a mo f t h e d i f f e r e n gt r o u p so f m u s c t e s . T h e d e e p[ a u t o c h t h o n o u m s Ju s c t e so f t h e b a c kc a n o e d i v i d e di n t o a t o n g i t u d i n aal n d a n o b t i q u es y s t e m a ,s w e t l a s i n t o a m e d i a la n d a l a t e r a lt r a c t .

Axillaris) N. cutaneus brachiilateralis inforior(N. radialis) N. cutaneusbrachii posterior(N. cutaneimedialeset laterales) (Nn. $-L1,Rr. spinales,Nn. intercostales) R. cutaneuslateralis (Plexuslumbalis,N. spinales 51-S3, Rr. posteriores) L4 L5 Nn. cluniuminferiores (N. cutaneusfemorisposterior) S1 s2 S3 N. cutaneusfemorislaleralis(Plexuslumbalis) N. 8 1 1 S e g m e n t ca uI t a n e o ui ns n e r v a t i ol dne r m a t o m e s ) andcutaneous nervesof the back. ;Voccipitalis a a N. , B posterior (C8) (T1) , R posterior (Plexuscervicalis) lateralis t, N supraclavicularis a M.

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