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Au, U, Fe, Mn, Hg, Sb, W, and P Deposits by Karl H. Wolf (Eds.) PDF

By Karl H. Wolf (Eds.)

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The wavelengths of the longitudinal anticlines are as follows: between Biesiesvlei and Vermaas-Coligny, 40 km; between Vermaas-Coligny and Hartbeesfontein-Westerdam, 50 km; between Westerdam and south of Potchefstroom, 45 km; between south of Potchefstroom and Vredefort, 45 km; between Vredefort and south of Koppies, 50 km; and between south of Koppies and Edenville, 50 km. This second-order fold pattern, which controls the distribution of basement domes and major goldfields, has average periodicities of 4 0 - 5 0 km for both the longitudinal and the transverse folds.

A progressive return to a state of equilibrium caused finer and finer sediment to be brought in. Finally, the amount of material being washed in was reduced to a minimum, and the fan was then subjected to optimum winnowing condi­ tions by both the transporting currents down the fan and the longshore currents along the midfan and fanbase.

The bottom members of the later cycle were generally conglomerates, formed as openwork gravels into which auriferous sands subsequently washed, as the depositional energy-level decreased. In many instances, the conglomerates also incorporated into their matrices gold and uranium concentrated on the underlying finer sediments or in the filaments of the algal mats. y. ago. The mineralization is unequivocally the response to sedimentary processes. THE ECONOMIC SIGNIFICANCE OF THE WITWATERSRAND BASIN The Witwatersrand Basin ranks as one of the greatest mining fields the world has ever known.

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