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By Graham Bishop (auth.)

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The chip contains its own Zener stabil iser for the control circuits. 7. This is a stereo preamplifier with two side-by-side preamplifiers which can be connected in parallel (as shown) or individually. This is an adaptation of an operational amplifier with two in put s, one inverting (-) and the other non-inverting (+) . Two inputs to - and + allow the amplifier to be used as a differential amplifier with uses in synthesiser circuits. 6 GND O . Input 2 0 All pots 47k lin. OlfL ~ <, ~ ;;: ~ m ~::::- 40 / Audio Projects input, either - or +, with negative feedback applied to the inverting in put (shown with the RIAA circuit connected) .

3 Preamplifiers The circuits in this chapter will accept a variety of input signals from microphones, pick-ups, radio, and so on, with a wide range of input impedances and levels. 1 indexes this chapter. 17 . 2a, each having distinct propert ies. 1 a comprises a transistor connected in common base mode to provide low input impedance and high output impedance for matching low impedance microphones or pick-ups to an output amplifier. 3Mn 200 to 600 n 100kn 100 kn . vol. cont rol 15kn switched (3) low Z .

Small 100 pF and 18 pF capacitors are placed across the transistors, as in many stages such as this, to cancel the internal transistor capacitance which would limit the high frequency response. 3b behaves like a single transistor preamplifier around TR2 with about 25 dB gain. - - -...... 3 General-purpose preampl ifiers keeps the output level constant for a wide range of input signal levels. TR3 amplifies the output signal which is rect ified and smoothed to be fed as a dc bias to TR 1 wh ich acts as a variable resistor across the input signal to TR2.

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