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Beef Cattle Feeding and Nutrition - download pdf or read online

By T. Perry, M. Cecava

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Rumen Physiology and Energy Requirements C. The Net Energy Method of Predicting Rate of Gain of Beef Cattle This method is illustrated by the following problem. 2 lb of dry matter per day). 3 lb of 30% dry matter corn silage. Potential rate of gain can be calculated as follows: 1. Determine the composition of the diet. 00 i 2. Determine the energy content of the diet. Calculate the NE m and NEg concentrations of the diet by multiplying the energy content of individual feedstuffs by the proportion of diet DM supplied by that feedstuff.

The water-soluble vitamins have received much less attention compared with the fat-soluble vitamins because the ruminal microbes synthesize water-soluble vitamins which then are supplied to the host. There does appear to be evidence that supplemental niacin can improve lipid metabolism by ruminants, especially lactating dairy cows. Also, there are certain conditions for which supplemental thiamin is important, for example, in cattle fed concentrate diets. Specifics of vitamin requirements will be discussed in Chapter 2.

Rumen Physiology and Energy Requirements Ingredient Cost/unit Cost ($) Percentage of total cost Corn (No. 5 From the above calculation, it is obvious that the energy cost of the ration is the major cost, or 89% of the total. Furthermore, when one considers feed cost as representing approximately 70% of the total cost of a cattle finishing enterprise, then the cost of the energy portion represents 62% of the total cost of the enterprise. Much of the energy consumed by beef cattle is wasted. Approximately 20 to 40% may be passed through the animal undigested in the feces; about 15 to 20% is lost in gases and Urine, and as much as 30% is used in producing heat in the digestive process, leaving as little as 20% for body maintenance and weight gains.

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